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Bulk Rubbish Discount Tree Loppers

by admin on February 3, 2017 No comments

Be warned there are multiple unethical, criminal people attempting tree work trying to cash in on using green waste. Their flyers will appear in Perth letterboxes close to bulk rubbish/greens waste collection.

Prior to any tree work on your property we advise that you:

always ask for a quote
request to see insurance details (many will state they have these, but do not)
request to see qualifications
enquire as to the equipment being used (some ‘tree loppers’ around the Perth area simply have a ute and a chainsaw)
never be bullied into accepting the job on the spot
don’t accept work from people door knocking looking for work (it is unlikely these people hold the required qualifications, skills, insurance or equipment necessary to complete your job.

If you have any doubts, phone consumer affairs in Perth.

Bulk rubbish can be used to save money but usually only with palm removal (doesn’t make nice mulch). Generally your trees will be removed for the same price instead of being left on your verge and then you have the option of keeping your wood chips.

We issue this advice because sadly many customers have recounted their negative and costly experiences to us.

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